Currently, 24 United Fresh Start Modules are available for facilitators to use in Communities of Faith throughout the United Church. From the outset, the United Fresh Start project team recognized the potential for modifying the modules for an online, e-learning format so that the programme could have a broader reach. As online technologies have advanced, as travel has become more costly, and as the pandemic of 2020 created a new urgency, we have decided to move ahead with the creation of United Fresh Start “eModules” and there are now three available. Click below to view the content of each eModule.

Our hope is that the eModules will be used in community, with a cohort of participants (a congregation, a cluster, a network) engaging the material then joining together for conversation about what they have learned. Trained United Fresh Start facilitators are available to host online conversations. Use the contact form below to inquire about arranging a facilitator for your cohort. 


Entering a New System

This module is intended to help participants understand that communities of faith are living systems and that the way new people enter the system can have a substantial impact on their ministry.


Family Systems Theory – The Community of Faith as a System

Family Systems Theory can help ministry personnel and communities of faith be more self-aware and self-differentiating; to be better equipped to identify those in the community of faith with good leadership skills; and to better recognize and deal with anxiety in the system.



This module will help participants understand the difference between change and transition and provide strategies for leaders to foster learning and growth through transitions.