Revised United Fresh Start website now live

by | May 11, 2021 | News

You are now visiting the revised website. Welcome!

While the website looks different, many of the same familiar features remain:

  • those interested in the program can learn more about how the program can help to nurture a healthy pastoral relationship
  • congregational leaders interested in the program can review the breadth of module options and request more information
  • trained facilitators can access the slides, notes and resource documents for each of the modules

There is also the new eModules option on the revised website. As online technologies have advanced, as travel has become more costly, and as the pandemic of 2020 created a new urgency, we have decided to move ahead with the creation of United Fresh Start “eModules” beginning with one of the core modules, Transition. Our hope is that the eModules will be used in community, with a cohort of participants in a community of faith engaging the material then joining together for conversation about what they have learned.

The Transition eModule is a pilot to see whether more eModules can help to grow the program and introduce the learning into more communities of faith. We look forward to receiving feedback on this eModule, as we look towards introducing more.


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Introducing eModules

Introducing eModules

As you navigate through the revised United Fresh Start website, you will notice the introduction of one pilot eModule. We are testing out whether eModules can be an appropriate way for community of faith leaders to engage with the United Fresh Start material.

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Check out United Fresh Start eModules

You can now engage the content of the United Fresh Start Modules on your own — on your schedule and at your own pace. Click the button below and see what modules are available so far.